” Let’s Get Those HOT Dice Out And Play A Little Craps!

Here at Aces Casino (Ed. Note – You know, the home of The Aces Casino Blog, among other things), we’ve always had an intense passion for playing the many orange county casino night games that have made our company famous.  Yes, ’tis true – the company motto HAS always been, “This Beats Working!”  But lately, that passion here at the Aces Casino main offices has bubbled over at bit.

Reason?  That’s an easy one.  It’s because of that unwelcome visitor named “CoVid 19.”

This unrelenting virus has been hanging over our orange county casino party company like the plague that is is, a virus that has devastated our event calendar, reducing our booking listings by some 89% since that fateful day, March 12, 2020 (Ed. Note: The date we first heard about it).

Quite frankly, it’s just this — Our incredible staff of dealers, delivery crews and management staff have been sitting and waiting for something good and nice to happen to this orange county casino night party company.

So, we thought, “Hey, let’s DO something!”  OK, let’s do just that.

Those of you that are avid followers of the Aces Casino Blog (Ed. Note: 3?) can remember the time that we began publishing links to many of the great casino games available online, and let players either play some of their long-time favorite games, like Blackjack and Craps, or try out new games like Pai-Gow Poker, and see if they like it.

Next up on the tryout board is a game that some players LOVE, and others would LOVE to Learn — Craps!  Take this great casino game for a spin, and enjoy the game.  And, remember — We use free chips on all of our game trainers, so put Craps thru it’s paces, and shoot some Craps on us!

Image result for Craps
So, let’s put Craps in the rear-view mirror, shall we?  Next up on The Aces Casino Blog comes the most elegant-looking games on the casino floor….. Roulette will make it’s appearance, courtesy of those goof-balls that provide the top orange county casino party company on the west coast — Aces Casino!  See you on Thursday!